First Blog- EDU 305

Blogger Credentials:

When looking at credentials and qualifications of bloggers, Erin Klein, from Kleinspiration, has experience in the classroom as well as a business background. Her Master of Education is focused on curriculum and instruction. She has background knowledge in program development and teaching. Her blog focuses on creating technology enriched activities that correlate with common core standards. Erin is an award winning education, author, and national keynote speaker. She is certified in Brain Gym and Educational Kinesiology. She served as the Michigan technology chairperson for three years. In addition to rich experience and education, Erin has received many educational awards. (

Overall, bloggers can have many credentials or qualifications, but none are required. All bloggers need is a purpose and an audience.

 Three things I learned from Kleinspiration:

For many schools, getting technology for all students is very difficult. When using technology in the classroom students are able to be more independent learners. Before student digital learning occurs, teachers should instill in students digital responsibility. According to Erin Klein, there are three reasons why every teacher should use Bing in the classroom. Bing rewards allows schools to earn credits just for searching through Bing. Credits can also be donated to a school of your choice. Once a school earns enough credits, they can redeem them through Microsoft who will send free surface to the school. I found this to be really interesting, I tried to find out how many credits a school would need to receive the product but I was unable to find it. Another bonus of using Bing as a search engine is the ability for teachers to access common core aligned digital literacy lesson plans. Digital literacy lessons are available for K-4, 5-8, and 9-12 through In addition to the digital responsibility of students, Bing provides an additional layer of safety through built in content filters to prevent inappropriate results or ads. I have never used Bing but after reading all of the benefits, it seems as though it is a useful resource.

Klein, E. (2015, October 25). 3 Reasons to Use Bing in the Classroom. Retrieved January 23, 2016, from

Three ideas presented in A Vision of K-12 Students Today and Rethinking Learning: The 21st century learner that surprised or concerned me include:

  1. Students who are gamers want to be measured. One of the speakers said that a real gamer believes that if they aren’t learning something, then it isn’t fun. I found this statement to be surprising because I wouldn’t have thought of gamers as students who wish to be measured to prove knowledge.
  2. I found the technology philosophy of Parsons the New School for Design to be extremely useful. Their philosophy is to bring out technology when we need it and put it away when technology is not the best tool for the content. I found this to be surprising and concerning. I found it concerning because controlling when students use technology could be difficult, but with this school wide policy it becomes a standard.
  3. I found it concerning that 63% of teachers never let their students’ use digital learning in the classroom. I found it concerning that 61% of reading teachers never use digital story software. I found it concerning how classrooms lack the use of technology among all subjects.

As a prospective educator, some of the ideas in the videos that were meaningful to me include the technology philosophy and importance of digital responsibility, the vision of k-12 students today to be able to use engaging and emerging technologies, and the importance of 21st century skills. Students need the ability to create, to collaborate, to think critically, and to communicate in multiple ways. As our global society becomes more technologically innovative, the more our students need to be immersed into technology.

Teaching content knowledge with Wordle

I would use this Wordle in a second grade class to discuss the importance of the environment as well as how people positively and negatively affect the environment. This Wordle has positive and negative effects that humans have on the environment. As a class we would discuss the words included in the Wordle and separate each word or set of words into positive effects and negative effects. As we separate the words, we will discuss as a class how each one effects the environment. To reflect and assess our knowledge on the positive and negative effects on the environment we will create a list of things we can do as a class to better our environment.



New technology information: I learned that using Bing as a search engine allows schools to earn credits for Microsoft technology. Revisited information: I already knew that schools could use Skype to interact with classrooms around the world because a school that I toured with Teaching Fellows was Skyping a school from a different state. I think this is a great use of technology and allows students to get another perspective of how school is around the world. I also knew how to use the Wordle, but I thought it was good practice to come up with a topic that is useful for the classroom. Classroom usage: I think that Bing can easily be used in a classroom as the main search engine to gain rewards for the school. It is also a good search engine to use because of the restrictions that can be placed on the search engine to prevent inappropriate content as well as ads. I also believe that students can easily use Wordle in the classroom for any subject to demonstrate prior knowledge or newly learned content. Wordle can be used as a method of assessment rather than multiple choice tests or essays. Wordle promotes creativity and critical thinking to create representative words for a specific topic.


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